Sunday, January 13

Review: Balance Me. Pure Skin Face Wash

Hi chicks,

Hope you've all had a fab weekend.. Just before the new weeks begins I'm squeezing in a few minutes to post about Balance Me's Pure Skin Face wash.

I got this cute little face wash as a freebie ages ago but haven't until now had the time to test it out. I'm pretty habitual when it comes to face washes and usually use a Garnier or Simple brand... so I kept forgetting to bring this one with me in the shower.  Today I remembered. Hence the excited posting!! :)

OK, so on checking out their website they've won an array of awards and promise 'beauty that works naturally'. They are UK based and so are the products they create which I love. The company was founded by two sisters back in 2005 mixing away at the kitchen table. Knowing that the brand is British-Made is always a thumbs up to me... there are big brownie points for that :)

The packaging it simple yet cute. Nothing to shout about though in my opinion. It does look quite fresh I suppose which is most definitely what the cleanser smells like; the smell is gorgeously fresh and zingy. The product itself is white and is fairly thick and creamy. It lathers easily but I would prefer a more foamy lather.

The face wash does however get top marks for leaving me with balanced skin. It does what it claims. My skin did not feel even slightly tight once I had got out of the shower and dried. This is a product I would buy myself but perhaps, once I'd tried it, not hook me enough to buy again. What do you think? 

P.S. I won at Monopoly last night so I'm over the moon... property tycoon? I think so! hehehe


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