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Indeed Labs Set of 3 Sampler Kit Review

Happy February lovelies,

We can all relax now… January blues are finally over! And, with a new February skip in my step I thought I’d try out a few new products for you. The product in the spotlight today is Indeed Labs Set of 3 Sampler Kit. It contains 5ml size tubes of some of the top products; Nanoblur, Snoxin and Hydraluron. RRP £12.99

The packaging is appealing. I like its minimalist, sleek and clean branding with just a pop of bubblegum cute colour on each product. However, It’s also a little wasteful… The packaging in way larger than the three little samples inside it. A lot of buffering has been done to make this sample kit look bigger and of more value that it probably it. Of course you’re paying for the luxury of testing three items here but the packaging could probably squeeze in all three full sized items too.

So what does each product do?
‘Nanoblur is an advanced optical diffusing cream that instantly minimises the appearance of wrinkles, crow's feet and enlarged pores.’ You can apply nanoblur as the last step in your skin care regime or ideally apply after Liquid foundation or before Powder foundation in a "patting" motion, do not rub. Each application lasts until the product is rinsed off so it is similar to a primer.

‘Snoxin is a multi-peptide anti-ageing wonder serum.’ Apply a small amount twice per day as the first treatment after cleansing and toning. This serum does not offer surface hydration. Follow with Hydraluron and a moisturiser.

‘Hydraluron is a superb hydrating serum that gives your skin the moisture boost it needs from below the surface. Created to plump up the skins texture and increase elasticity and firmness.’ Apply a small amount over the entire face before applying other moisturising creams. This serum provides below the surface moisturising creams.

My Review of Indeedlabs Sampler Kit

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I bought this kit so that, as well as trying out a few new products, I had some little mini skincare products to take away with me on a long weekend away with hubby. For this purpose they were perfect as they complimented each other well and gave me added space for hair straighteners! (always important). Each morning I applied Snoxin serum followed by Hydraluron to give my skin a moisture boost before finally applying Nanoblur just before my foundation, which worked like a primer although they comment that it is NOT a primer hehe.

There are mixed reviews on Boots online for this kit but most revolved around the small amount of product rather than the products themselves. I would have to agree with this.. I would have liked at least 10ml as by the end of the weekend my samples were all but gone! The full size products are 30ml so 5ml really is a tiny test.

My final word… the kit is overpriced for such a small amount of product but a good way to test all three and perhaps find a new favourite.


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