Monday, March 23

Adding the finishing touches with eframe

Hi lovelies,
So just over a year ago I bought my own flat! I’d saved and saved and scrimped and become a hermit to do it… three years later I had just enough money to buy a little one bed flat just within the M25. I was so proud you wouldn’t believe it. I still am very proud indeed if I do say so myself J
When you live on your own and have a mortgage and bills to pay it’s hard work. I had a little money to buy essentials like fridge/freezer, sofa, bed covers and so on but couldn’t get the luxury of finishing touches I really wanted.

Photo Framing Service - eframe

So I thought myself very lucky indeed with the lovely people from eframe offered to help me out – they even let me use their new online framing tool to design my own dream frame for a piece of artwork one of my favourite artists MissLed had done of me!

Firstly I wanted a photo of me and my boyf to hang. I met him pretty much the same time as I moved into the flat so I suppose I should hang a photo or two up of us by now! They recommended I use their ‘upload, print and frame’ service. It was so easy and simple to use.  I went through the tool step by steps. I uploaded my photo, got the paper it would be printed on, the frame, size of photo, the image mount as well as its colour. I was really impressed by the amount of customisation and, most importantly, that the system worked flawlessly. I didn’t need to sign my life away and login with lots of details, nor did it crash once on me! Within minutes I had my photo and my frame and was ready to go!
Next, as I’d mentioned before I wanted a special frame with specific dimensions for a piece of brilliant MissLed artwork. I’d scoured the shops for ages looking for the right frame but couldn’t find one. Either the mounts were wrong, the frame was too large/small or it just wasn’t pretty enough (very important is prettiness right?). With these tricky specifics they recommended I design my own in the Frame Studio!

The idea of it filled me with delight… I was always the kind of kid attempting to sew skirts and customise tops.. I like designing things my way… this was my dream! So many options to choose from but all so simply displayed and explained it was lovely working through the colour schemes and style to create a frame of as good a quality as the art that would sit in it.
The best feature of it all… the running total that reminds you of the final cost. It shows you the cost of each customisation too so that you won’t let your ideas grow too big for your pocket. Very helpful indeed for me who first subconsciously picked out the most expensive frame I could find! Huuuum
And now for the best bit.. my beautiful frames hung up in my beautiful little home! Go on, have a good nosey hehe
Next time I need a present for a friend or some more photos hung up I won’t fuss around with getting the prints and the frames separately… far too much hassle. Get the prints and the frames together and design your own! Thank you eframe!

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