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Personalised Products from Online Marketplace Minted

Hi Beauts,

Pinch, Punch, First day of the Month!! Hope you’re all having a very happy 1st of May 
Mine has been particularly exciting… I’ve just accepted a new job! It’s quite a big step up for me too which is fab. As such I know that the rest of my 2015 is set to be filled with the challenge of getting used to new responsibilities…. I love change though, you’ve got to embrace it right?
I’m smiling for another reason too though, because I’m waiting for an extra special and unique package from Minted to arrive in the post.

Minted is a marketplace of independent artists founded by Mariam Naficy back in 2007. They have a very cool concept which I love; Artists submit their work, everyone is allowed to vote for their favourites and the winners are sold! 

The best thing about that idea is that pretty much every item on the website - from stationery to artworks - is a visual feast… I WANT IT ALL! Minted's community of independent artists and designers are located across the globe in 43 countries.

The creative crew over at Minted got in contact with me and gave me free reign to pick out all the most gorgeous designs I wanted from their stationery marketplace. Yep, I’m very lucky indeed!

So What Did I Choose from Minted?

Personalised Journals

To capture my USA road tripping memories I personalised this beautiful design entitled ‘Oh the Places’ by Grace Kreinbrink. I’m going to the USA on the 4th of July this year for a 2 week adventure… seems very apt that my travel journal to document it all should come straight from there too.. perfection! Isn’t the design amazingly cute? And I was able to personalise the inside page too, so so reasonably priced for just over £10!
inside coverfront cover

inside coverfront cover
I loved so many of the journal designs in the artist marketplace that I also personalised this one entitled ‘Pink Lemonade’ (even the name is gorgeous!) by Haley Mccoy. You even get to choose the type of paper of the journal. I think for this one I opted for totally blank pages… My latest sketch journal is too cool!

Adding Awesomeness to Celebrations


I love this wrapping paper!

So after being totally selfish and picking to journals for myself I thought I should show a little love to others. First I personalised this gorgeous wrapping paper for my boyf Jason and I’s anniversary later in the year. He is going to love it! And then made him an extra special anniversary card to go with it. How cute is that? Both the wrapping paper and card are plastered with photos of us both together…. Just in case he forgot what I look like hahaha.
I then made two Birthday cards for my two besties born in June.  These personalised Sweet Blossoms and Vintage Eyelette Birthday Cards are beautiful as well as personal and cool. Again inside I’ve put photos of us both together… cheesy grins galore! I can’t wait to give their cards to them J

Finally I chose to personalise some stationery notes so that, after my Birthday in September, I can’t thank people for their gifts by putting pen to very stylish paper. I love these little note designs… on the Minted website there are so many edible choices. I love the foil designs too. The design I picked is called Lace and Kraft and retails at around £23 for 15 sheets. It’s taken the chore out of writing thank you’s that’s for certain!

What I chose and how much it retails for

Pink Lemonade and Oh the Places Spiral Bound Blank Notebook for $16 (that’s just £10.52)
Bold Love Personalized Wrapping Paper, 5 sheets for $15 (that’s £9.87)
Lace and Kraft Personalized Stationery, 15 sheets for $35 (that’s £23.03)
Personalised Sweet Blossoms and Vintage Eyelette Birthday Cards and a You and Me Anniversary Card with envelopes for $5.99 each (that’s £3.94!)

Such Cheap Postage to the UK

Although Minted kindly let me pick these items free of charge I did pay for my own postage. I was a little hesitant on just how much that would  cost coming all the way from the US.
However, when I got the shopping cart and found it to be £6.56 ($9.95) I was more than happy to pay that for my goodies to whisked half way across the world!

I’ll certainly be using them again. Their fine art prints marketplace is a treasure trove of beautiful images. 

Check out Minted and see just what I Mean! Keep an eye out for my Haul YouTube Video of me opening my Minted package :) 


P.S. If you refer a friend you get 25 dollars to spend… each! Uuummm, sooo who wants to be referred? xxxx hehe

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