Tuesday, December 1

I am now a Master of Science and can go back to being a Blogger!

Dear lovely readers, 

As I'm sure you've noticed I've been rather quiet on my little blog for the past few months. 

I'd started a Masters you see, in Strategic Marketing. I'd started it whilst working full time, studying Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm, squeezing in research and essay writing into my evenings and early mornings. I also decided to change jobs to a management role and move house at the same time!! 

So, something had to give :( I hope you'll be able to forgive me hehe 

But the great news is that, after all that hard work, pain and tears (oh yes, plenty of tears!) I am BACK and jumping around like a looney as I am now a Master of Science with DISTINCTION, my research paper was also awarded distinction and has been put forward for academic publication.... so I'm pretty much going to burst with happiness!!

A photo posted by Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger (@laura_claire88) on

A photo posted by Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger (@laura_claire88) on

A photo posted by Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger (@laura_claire88) on

Along my part-time study, full-time employment journey I've had so many people ask me why I would ever put myself through it and tell me that they could never do it. It was a long hard slog for me, I replied to every single one of those people that I didn't know either why I was putting myself through the pain and warned them with full conviction NEVER to do part-time study (in fact, in my stressful state I'm pretty certain I told a few people to never learn anything. ever. again. haha). 

But I was wrong. Looking back on things now, basking in the glory of my own effort, has made me realise that you put into life what you get out of it and so, if you're ever thinking of taking the leap into any form of learning I say with an open heart that you should get up and do it! 

...now to find all those people I told otherwise and set them straight. hehe


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