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Review & Interview with Nikki Stark Jewellery

Hi Lovelies, 

So, I've been sent some gorgeous rings I've been dying to talk to you about. They're from a fantastic UK jewellery designer Nikki Stark Jewellery. If you read my blog you know how much I love to support amazing British talent and business so I had to bag an interview with the lovely lady herself too! Check it out below...

I was eager to wear my 9ct gold rocking wishbone midi and sterling silver full rings when they arrived as a treat from London-based Nikki Stark Jewellery and I haven't taken them off since! They've been with me to Cobham's boutiques, round to a friends, snuggled on the sofa and even on a post-Christmas guilt-induced run. 

They appear gorgeously fragile on my fingers yet are impressively solid. Nikki uses high quality metals, 100% recycled where possible. These, along with her flare for beautiful design has created jewellery that deceives

Simple, understated and precious, her delicate pieces are anything but flimsy. Each ring has a beautiful textured effect over its surface from the care that's been used in its creation. Each ring is hand-shaped and worked upon using a very small round-ended hammer creating an effect that glimmers. 

I just love the fact that each piece of jewellery is totally unique! If you're after something beautifully unique and hand-crafted that will soon turn into your 2016 signature piece I would highly recommend Nikki Stark. Simply to die for designs and 20% off online for the whole of January.. get in quick!

You're currently based in London, is this where you grew up? Where's home to you? 

I grew up in Surrey just outside London so I haven’t travelled far, we live on the South West edge of London.

Why did you make the conscious choice to use eco metals in your work? (100% recycled) 

Precious metals are a finite natural material so recycling is a necessary part of keeping them available. As with a lot of people I think the environment is important and I try to do my little bit.  

What's your most memorable experience since you began designing?
I’ve been at a couple of weddings where I made the rings. Making wedding rings is always lovely as they are so personal to people. Helping someone through the process of working out what they really want to live with for the rest of their life over a cup of coffee is one of the nicest parts of my job.

What type of women do you have in mind when you're designing your collection?

My work is very understated and can be worn in different ways to suit lots of personal styles. They are more everyday than statement pieces. The collection grew out of what I like to wear myself, and what my customers have asked me for over time.

I would imagine my customer is someone who doesn’t necessarily follow the crowd, but doesn’t shout about it either. They also care about quality and where they things they own come from.

Who would you most like to see wearing a piece from your collection? 

That is a tough one, I often get to know people quite well when I make them a piece so I normally think of people I know when I am designing. Someone chic like Emma Watson maybe, or Marion Cotillard.

What is your most treasured item in your personal jewellery collection & why?

I have a necklace which belonged to my grandmother, it’s got a piece of glass shaped like a cabochon stone with some pieces of what look like foil underneath. I think it’s probably meant to look like a piece of green amber but it doesn’t quite. It’s a lovely delicate piece, and I quite like the conceit. I also have a silver bracelet my grandfather bought me that I wear every day. Apart from that I always wear my own pieces, but I have a constant stream of new favourites, at the moment I am in love with tiny labradorites.

Orbit 9ct Yellow Gold Ring - Set of 2 - stone set and button ringWhat's next? What beautifully crafted treats can we expect from you in the future?

I’ve been making more and more wedding rings so I’m working on a dedicated section of my website and a range of simple pieces. I’m also adding more options into my Orbit rings range including labradorite and moonstone which are so pretty.

I'm totally in love with my delicate rocking wishbone midi & full rings. <3 Check out Nikki Stark Jewellery for her full collection. 



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