Monday, July 18

Find your Love Match with Personality Match

Are they the one?

Are we the perfect match?

Why are we so great together?

They're all questions we're all guilty of asking right? And if you're anything like me you've also done some Facebook stalking, read up on each others zodiac signs and forced him to take the '5 languages of love' test (id recommend it.. its really good actually!). 

So yep, I sound crazay and it makes me cringe but I'll be the first to admit I'm guilty of it. And why not too.. we all want to have just a little bit of external confirmation that the person who is so, so, totally Mr right for us, well, actually is.

PersonalityMatch App

Personality Match is the latest app I've used to do just that. Its free, quick and simple to use.

There are lots of 'love match' quizzes and tests on the web (trust me I know!). Most are good fun but are pretty much based around nothing... I'm thinking those mentioned in the eHarmony advert right... finding your perfect match is actually a camel based on your joint love of long walks on the beach?!

Yet Personality Match is a little different. Its questions are based behind theory. The app is based on the classic psychological tests by Katharine Cook Briggs, Isabel Briggs Myers and the theories of the psychologist Carl Jung. I'd already taken the Myers Briggs Indicator test at various different workplaces and always found it fascinatingly accurate. So I was intrigued to see what this test would say about me and how I matched with my own 'Mr Right' Jason.

PersonalityMatch Features:

  • Sophisticated personality test
  • Match your personality with friends
  • Learn about your friends’ personality type
  • See your compatibility score
  • Identify common frustrations and how to solve them
  • Get personalised advice on how to improve your relationship

So I took the test and my personality test result came out as The Commander - ENTJ. It was so interesting reading through the characteristics linked to me.

Jason also took the test and came out as The Visionary. Next I clicked match to find out how well matched mine and Jason's personalities were. It was a bit of a tense moment to say the least!

PersonalityMatch Results 

However, we matched really well I think.

We had a 75% match of personality traits. Jason and I are so similar to each other and we've always said it so it sort of confirmed what we thought. The app has been designed to highlight areas that could do with improvement.

What was interesting was the Lifestyle results showed us at different ends of the spectrum. It pretty much hit the nail on the head.  I'm pretty tightly wound, I like order and lists and organisation, whereas Jason is much more laid-back and relaxed.  I'm totally drawn to his easygoing attitude - Jason keeps me fun!

I was really impressed with the level of detail PersonalityMatch had about each person's results. And the personalisation. For example, my match results with Jason talk about Jason and I in the results- they're tailored to us which is just brilliant. It worked seamlessly. A really fun, easy and simple-to-use app that gives you a great insight into you and your other half and most importantly, how you fit together.

Definitely worth a download!

PersonalityMatch is free and available on iTunes and Google Play.




  1. Definitely intriguing and interesting. Thanks for sharing! x

    Face to Curls |

  2. So fun and interesting! It's cool you too were a good match


  3. I love those test!! I downloaded the app and it's pretty cool. I'm ENFJ :)
    Thanks for sharing.


    Aurelie |

  4. Sounds like a fun project to do with your boo!

    xx Yasmin

  5. Thats so cool! Thanks for sharing :)


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