Tuesday, August 9

Summer Holiday Haul

Hi Lovelies, 

Hope you're all well. I've been a busy bee and time has been ticking away on me. So much so that in only a few days time I jet off to beautiful Bali for two weeks... excited doesn't cover it!

Excited though I may be I am still obsessively organised with it. My packing list was written out, then my check list of what I had started to pack was ticked off. Outfits were planned and shopping lists prepared. Are you the same?

As I stared down at my long list I thought it high time I write a little post about all my planning and purchases!

Malibu & Piz Buin Sun Protection

So firstly and most importantly I stocked up on sun protection. Bali is going to be incredible but also roasting and looking after your skin is so important. I've used Malibu sun creams before and like their smell (mmmm sun lotion smells amazing in general!).

However, I'm intrigued to test out the Miracle Tan element to the Factor 30 Malibu lotion. It's water resistant and as well as protecting skin and promoting tanning it also claims to enhance it. Finally, I bought a Piz Buin Factor 30 lip balm. I don't know about you but my lips get so very dry in the sun and it's an item I often forget to carry in my beach bag.. prepared this time!

Zara Haul 

I have a ridiculous amount of clothes so I wanted to try to tone down my pre-holiday spending but also treat myself to a few new items I could mix and match into my current wardrobe. Making sure new items complement those in your current wardrobe is so important and something I only recently started to take into consideration.

Zara is my absolute favourite store at the moment! So my haul is pretty much just from there. I bought two super cute shorts: high waisted khaki and floaty tropical florals. Keeping to the block colour and tropical print theme I also bought two crop tops: a floaty pink floral off the shoulder and a tight fitting white crop. They're the perfect colour tones to mix and match with and either combination will suit the Primark faux ostrich leather clutch & M&S brown suede heels.

I wanted some fun accessories too and so popped to Accessorize to pick up some beaded flip flops and transfer tattoos. Can't wait to try those out!

Laura Claire


  1. Your outfits are to die for, I love them! You have a lovely blog and you seem so nice, let me know if you want to follow each other and keep in contact, I love making new blog friends! x


  2. I am loving your haul! They are perfect for holiday! I love your outfit choices! xx

  3. loving these outfits! Thanks for sharing beautiful



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