Wednesday, April 18

Barry M Dazzle Dust collection

I think every girl has atleast one Barry M Dazzle Dusts in their makeup bag. These are the five I have in mine. I've got two shades of shimmery Green, a sparkly Gold and shiny Blue and a Matte Purple. What about you? My eyes are Hazel so I love wearing autumn tones and purples to make them stand out. I love the cute little pots and because the pigment is loose it's so easy to create bright shimmery evening eyes.

 From left to right: Blue 68, Green 72, Purple 99, Dark Green 14 and Gold 39


Dazzle Dust eyeshadows can be quite hard to apply sometimes though. So many times I've put too much on my brush and ended up covering my undereye and cheeks in pigment. A little trick my dear friend told me is to apply Vaseline to your lids before application. It works great! You can also put a little pigment into the cap and add a touch of water to it. This makes it less dusty but just as dazzling.
Any tips or tricks I'm missing out on please let me know!

Have a lucky and pretty day

Love LauraClaire

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