Thursday, August 29

F&F Magic Dress Range Review

Hi Lovelies,

Hope your summer is going well. The lovely people at F&F Tesco's got in contact a few weeks ago asking if I would like to review a dress in their new F&F Magic range. I naturally obliged... anything with Magic in the title is bound to be amazing hehe..

The F&F Magic range is a collection of dresses with secret magic support built in. What's not to love! They have a varied collection to choose from so take a peak on their website for more beauties but I opted for the Magic Animal Print dress which retails at £25.00.

To give you a good example of my 'hate' spots I've put in a before snap. Me below in the little black number shows off nicely that icky bit between some thunder thighs and bit of muffin top meet lol This is exactly what the magic dress was invented for.. smoothing out those imperfections. Magic dress to the rescue! 

 Pretty pretty
 The black slip under the skirt is well designed, comfortable and well reinforced!
 Matching shoes and the new Mulberry set it off quite nicely right!

 The face you pull when your dad comes out and asks what your doing posing in the garden.

To start with I adore the pattern. The dress is a silky smooth material, gorgeous to touch and comfortable to wear. I was worried that the sewn in support slip would suffocate me like so many others tend to do but it was just right. Very comfortable to wear all day.. I've spent hours sitting in it in work meetings!

The dress is also designed to be flattering; gathering around the tummy masks a large lunch and it has sleeves for girls conscious of their arms (like me!).

I was mightily impressed by the dress, my mumma is jealous and wants one herself. Overall a big thumbs up from LC.



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