Wednesday, August 29

Bring on Autumn LookBook

River Island: Black Tapestry Print Satchel and Purse
TopShop: Sassy Cut out V throat heels 
Dorothy Perkins: Blue Cable Jumper
Motel: Star textured skinny pants in black crush
River Island: Diamante and pearl collar and Never Been Hurt bangle

Love LC

Tuesday, August 14

7 day Challenge for Clean&Clear

In a previous post I blogged about my disappointment with Witch blemish stick, though a lovely fellow blogger commented on how great she found the product. It made me ponder about our different opinions and finally decide that I would venture out to find a blemish control product as good for me as Witch Stick was for her.

I chose Clean and Clear to try first. I decided to use both their spot treatment gel and their Dual Action Oil Free moisturising cream for full blemish coverage. I gave the products 7 days, with consistent use as per the instructions, to give visible results.

Look, Feel and Application
Clean and Clear have been around for ages and have a good rep I think. They’re packaging isn’t cute or girlie; its blues and silver tones say this is a serious product which I hoped would provide serious results! Both the gel and moisturiser are lovely and smooth to apply, odourless and fab for sensitive skin. They give a tingly fresh feeling on application.

Day 4 Results
After day 4 I had most definitely noticed a change. Boyf had even commented too which is a good sign. My skin wasn’t half as blotchy and, because I was conscious of helping my blemishes clear up I made a point of not touching my face. This made me realise how much I touch my face at work! I’d also not had any other break outs which I think was key. The precision gel was dealing with the current blemishes whilst the moisturiser kept new ones at bay.

Day 7 Results
After seven days my skin had actually started to slip back and I had a couple of blemishes coming through. However, overall I was shocked at how fast I had noticed results. I think using the moisturiser and gel treatment together really helped and my skin was benefiting. 

Since the 7 days have ended I've kept using both Clean&Clear products and I've noticed my skin has been consistantly clearer. I'd definitely recommend Clean&Clear products in the future.

Love LC

Thursday, August 9

Review: Eyeko Fat Balm

When I was about 13-14 I remember being bought a Eyeko lip stain pen way before lip stains became wide spread. I’d never seen anything like it before back then and was pleased as punch with my pretty little pink pen. The pen didn’t dry out and lasted an amazingly long time (I remember using it on and off at 17! Maybe I should just chuck things away huh?!) so I have a fond memory of Eyeko products.

I’d been looking for a dual purpose tint balm for a while, and had been browsing No7’s counter initially. Though when I saw Eyeko where offering just the same thing but with ways cuter packaging I was sold <3

But why oh Why do you have to throw packaging away? It’s often one of the best bits about buying makeup and with Eyeko it’s the same. The little box is gorgeous and girly. I don’t mind the product casing, not quite as cute though. Grey is a bit of a let down. I expected something as brightly coloured and bold as the packaging around it.

The colour is called Raspberry Fat Balm and is a classic deep dark red. I wasn’t initially drawn to this colour but as I plan to use this on both my cheeks and lips it’s perfect. It smells of raspberries too, really yummy bubblegum sort of smell. I was suprised thought that it's alot less pigmented than it looks. When on my lips and cheeks it slides on extra smooth and is very creamy and perfect to blend in. The colour is subtle but noticable on both lips and cheeks and complimentary to my skin tone. Because of that it's extra moisturizing on lips and really works as a tinted lip balm. 

I give this product a big thumbs up. I love it because it's great for carrying around in your handbag and does the job of two products all rolled in to one! 

Love LC

Tuesday, August 7

MAC Lipstick: Up the Amp

Hey Girlies, Hope you've all been enjoying the Olympics :) Team GB all the way!

As you know I'm a sucker for a MAC lipstick and I've splurged again on yet another. I was hankering for a purple/lilac for Summer and after waiting around the MAC store three times (darn their queues!) I finally got one. The colour is Amplified Creme Lipstick: Up the Amp and is a beautifully opaque lilac colour. My little Samsung Galaxy photos are not doing this lipstick justice which is annoying but hopefully the photos below help a bit more. 

It's beautifully creamy which is the key to all great lipsticks and glides on easily. It's more of a subtle colour than my usual choices but still a noticable lilac. The colour is very pretty and girly and so I've been pairing it with summer pastel colours dresses, florals and bows. All I need now is for the sun to come out!

Love LC

Friday, August 3

Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel Review

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Schwarzkof sent me an array of goodies which I wanted to review for you. As there are quite a few as you can see and I’m a busy bee of late (sorry for the lack of posts L) so I’m just going to review the Got2B Heat protection spray today.

I’d previously been using a brand of hair protector spray that I can't even remember now!! that I’d seen in Tesco and thought I’d try out. It's one of those celeb hairdresser brands. I was excited about it as I’d not heard of it before but was a bit let down. It was fine and smelt quite nice but nothing to shout about.

However, after trying the Got2B Guardian Angel protection spray and using it for over a week now I haven’t even touched the old one. My favourite bit about all Got2B products are their smell. They always smell tasty! Bubblegum smells and fruity smells, I love it. Always nice to pop out of the shower and spritz something tasty smelling into your hair right

I like the shape of the bottle too and it’s easier to handle than my other spray. It’s not something I noticed initially but when comparing the two it really stood out. The heat protection goes up to 220 degrees which is the exact heat that I straighten and curl my hair. Maximum heat to perfectly ruin your hair I know so it’s great I’ve got such a strong heat protector.

It’s early days yet but the spray doesn’t appear to be sticking to the ceramic irons of my straighteners which is the best part. My straighteners still run smoothly through my hair and the spray is light weight and creates a fine mist of protection.

As I have long hair I tend to take good care of it; using conditioner on the tips along with heat protection sprays and split end oils so I haven’t noticed a drastic change in my hair quality. However, I do feel that if I stopped using heat protection sprays my hair would notice it and I would highly recommend this one for extra shiny and gorgeous smelling locks.

Love LC

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