Friday, November 30

The Best Waterfall Jackets this Winter

 1. River Island Black waterfall jacket: £55 love the glitter
2. River Island Cream leather look waterfall jacket: £60 MY FAV!
3. TopShop Mink Brown Contrast Waterfall Biker Jacket: £39.99

4. TopShop Random Theory Black Leather Waterfall Jacket: £119.99 stylish and timeless
5. Oasis
Waterfall leather jacket: £140.00 



Thursday, November 29

Beautiful Fishtails

1. Miss Selfridge Devore Fishtail Top: Best for baring beautiful backs

2. Miss Selfridge Shimmer Fishtail Top: Best for slimming and structured panels

3. TopShop Animal Print Fishtail Top: Pair with skin tight wet look jeans and killer heels

4. Miss Selfridge Grey Lace Fishtail Top: Best for showing off a tiny waist




Monday, November 26

Smokey Eyes and Red Lips

Heya Lovelies! <3

With my new fringe in tow I thought I should try some new make up looks. I've always loved smokey eyes with a fringe, I think it looks really soft and sweet so wanted to give it a try myself. What do you think? 

The Base
The products I used were Clean and Clear's Moisturiser which I love as it is Oil Free. Next I applied Rimmel's Fix and Perfect Primer and one layer of L'Oreal's Lumi Magique foundation.

Once I had an even base to work from I used Benefits Bluff Dust, with it's yellow tones to eliminate any reddness. I then swept a light layer of BedHead bronzer under my cheek bones and either side of my nose to contour my features.


The Eyes
For my eyes I used Ruby and Millie's eyeshadow duos in purple and and black and white shades. I applied the lighter purple shade around the lower and upper lids on both eyes and used a brush to smudge the shadow so it looked worn in and messy. I then added the darker purple to the outside corner of the upper lids all the way up to the lid crease. Again I used a brush to blur the edges of the shadow. I used the white shade in the corners of each eye to make them pop and the black shadow at the outside corners close to the lid line. As this look was for daytime I made sure the black was fairly subtle.

The Lips
I finished the look off by applying Mac's Sail La Via Red Lipstick



Sunday, November 25

Miss Selfridge Cuff Earrings

Heya Sweets,

A few days ago I did a little post about what your jewellery says about you and these cuff earrings that Boyf bought me are shouting out that my style is Big Bold and Bling!

I chose them from Miss Selfridge and fell in love with them the second I saw them. I'm not a massive earring wearer but I thought they were too cute and a bit different.

I'm saving them for a big night out as they're a bit OTT. But I'm struggling with how to style my hair when wearing them, any thoughts?

They are quite large so I was thinking an 'up-do'? Any good videos or posts on styles I could do?



Saturday, November 24

Keeping my Cosmetics Tidy

Hiya Chickee-dees! :)

I have so so so much make up and so, to try and keep in in some form of order I bought myself this gorgeous Ruby and Millie Travel Vanity Case in Cream aggeess ago. Sadly it seems Ruby and Millie were discontinued at Boots in February this year after 13 years of great products. So I think if you want to pick one of these up it might have to be through eBay.

I'm one of those people who gets a kick out of organisation though, oh and I love a bit of stationery (everyone does secretly right?!) so this fairly chunky bag of tricks is a dream to me. As you can see it folds open neatly to reveal one long clear fronted zip bag and two smaller cream coloured zip bags. Both are attached by magnets. So if you need one bag for a night away you can just grab it and go which I love. Though, one downfall - if you stuff the bags too full they become too heavy for the magnetic connection. The mirror is also detachable but that's held on with a strip of velcro. It has its own stand so you can avoid applying your foundation whilst juggling the mirror! And to top in off, in the middle is a space specifically for brushes.

At the moment it sits in the second draw of my dressing table all organised and neat. Not much can be said for the top draw though...

Think the top draw may still need a bit of organising don't you? 

How do you organise your dressing table? Would love to see your videos and posts! 



Wednesday, November 21

New Look Haul

Hi Girlies <3

Last weekend I got a bit excited in New Look and ended up buying not one, not even two but four tops :) Three of which are peplums. Did I mention I LOVE peplums?

I hadn't been in New Look for a while but I really like their current season. They have a great range of evening and party wear looks this year and reasonably priced. These tops were between £16-20 each and when I went to the till I recieved 25% off as they decided to give me a voucher (very kind of them I know!).

That brings my peplum top count up to 6 now. A little too excessive perhaps! What do you think? <3



Tuesday, November 20

Christmas Wish List

Mulberry BaysWater bag
Enrapture curlers
Cath Kidston Chelsea Roses Crush Mug
 Cath Kidston Bouquet Floral Pyjama Set
GHD Classic Gold Styler
Selfridges Advent Calendar
Jack Wills Storridge Jumper
Highlight and Contour Palette
Neom Happiness Travel Candle

Heya sweets, 

Just a few things I'm writing to Santa for this year :) What's on your Christmas List? Leave me a link to your Christmas Wish list blog posts below!



What does your jewellery says about you?

Last weekend my lovely boyfriend treated me to some Miss Selfridge goodies. The love heart ring and the wish bracelet are both from him. And because they are both from him I haven’t taken them off once. I also have a silver heart bracelet, also from him, which I never take off either.

Despite wishing I was more of a stylish jewellery wearer my style is most definitely vintage, quirky and sentimental. The jewellery I wear most often is nearly always something that means a lot to me. So it raised the question as to what that really meant?

I immediately Googled my little thought and came up with some fun ideas on the subject. (P.S. The following ideas are a mixture of my own and others ideas)

Circles and circular jewellery: The open circle insinuates that you are open to new things since a circle itself is open by its very design. You are perhaps flirtation by nature and have a keen eye for detail.

Pearls: Conveys a message of elegance and style. Like the jewellery that you wear, you are letting others know that you believe in honouring the classics. Choosing a pearl necklace, earrings, or bracelet lets people know that you are classic, elegant, and just a little bit old fashioned. Pearls have a timeless beauty about them, and they reflect an inner purity.

Bling: A bold, shiny piece says that you are a bold person who doesn’t lack in confidence. If you have a strong will and are not afraid to be noticed, a knuckle-to-knuckle design or a ring with a lot of sparkle would be an awesome choice for you.

Vintage pieces: Shows your feminine side, and you may also tend to be sentimental. You enjoy history and find beauty all around you.

Fabric jewellery: You’re probably funky and modern- a person who also appreciate handmade crafts.

Diamonds: Diamond wearers like to feel elegant and sophisticated. They are usually old romantics at heart. There are many convincing diamond replicas, and people that buy the real thing see truthfulness as an important quality in others.

Gold – Gold has been used to symbolise wealth and prosperity for thousands of years. Whether you have a small and subtle piece or layers and layers of bling, underneath it all you value tradition.

Big and bold – Statement jewellery is loud and expressive. Those who wear it rarely shy away from attention. They’re usually confident, outgoing, fun loving, and very sociable. Wearing a bold statement item is the best way to ensure all eyes will be on you when you enter a room.

Functional or Sporty – Sporty jewellery is simple, practical and of course beautiful. Anyone who loves their athletic pursuits, but also likes to feel attractive, knows that their jewellery has to keep up with their fast paced lifestyle. Sporty jewellery is worn most often by people with a modern, independent, and energetic nature.  The thing about sports jewellery is that it needs to be functional-stainless steel or sliver, small and no bling. Stainless steel watches are a perfect example.

Small and understated – A small set of pearls, a fine gold chain, or pretty diamond studs are subtle, classic pieces. Wearers pride themselves self on their good taste and timeless style. They also have respect for the importance of traditional values.

Natural – Eco friendly jewellery like wooden beads, woven bracelets, and anything made from recycled materials are usually worn by people who are smart, outdoorsy, and connected with nature. They look for accessories that are as unique as their personality rather than something mass  produced.

What does your jewellery say about you? What do you always wear?

I’d love to hear from you, so please comment below <3

Have a look at what other jewellery I have in my jewellery box...




Sunday, November 18

Style SnapShot

Scarf: Jane Norman
Leather Jacket: All Saints
Boots: BearPaw
Tights: Primark
Dress: Republic


Laura Claire 

Saturday, November 17

Beautiful BearPaw Boots!

Heya lovelies,

After getting caught in the rain in pumps four times in the last two weeks I new it was high time for some new boots. I threw out last year a pair of disgustingly muddy faded Uggs and so new I needed to buy a fresh new pair. Finally, some retail therapy that I actually NEED to buy! hehehe

I was browsing uggs online but, on a little trip to TKMAXX I found these gorgeous 'pretend your an Eskimo' boots from brand BearPaw. I recognised the brand but really didn't know too much about them. Apparently BearPaw is an american brand who make beautiful quality boots.

When I tried this pair of brown boots with fur trim on I literally melted with how comfortable they were. They retail at around £85 but I got mine for a thrifty £35! Bargain! (there may still be some left in TKMAXX near Mooregate so nip in if you're near by). The sole is also extremely thick and hard wearing with deep grooves in so you'll never do the 'Ugg slip up'.

I think I'm converted to BearPaw now, so so pleased with my purchase. Is anyone else the same? What's your favourite boot brand?

P.S. Christmas is coming.. eeek!



Friday, November 16

Rimmel London 500 Disco Ball Polish Review

Heya Sweets, hope all's well <3

We all know sparkle is very on trend at the moment so I just wanted to do a quick shout out about my favourite glitter sparkle polish right now.

It's Rimmel's 500 Disco Ball Lasting Finish polish. It's absolutely filled with flecks of silver and larger sparkles of blue and plenty of iridescent teeny tiny sparks. The photos taken above are after only one coat! The knack is to dab the polish onto your nail instead of painting as you usually would. This way the sparkles stay put. In my opinion: lots of sparkle for your money :)

And, as you would think from the name, it really does have a lasting finish and stays put sparkling away for weeks and weeks! However, that can be a down side as it's also so tricky to take off... lucky I like it so much I rarely do!



Thursday, November 15

AW12 Wine Hues Trend Look Book

Plum and wine hued trends are another key trend for this year Autumn and Winter. If head to toe Plum, as sported on the catwalk, is a little OTT for you perhaps try investing in one key item like a scarf or purse. All items above are taken from Miss Selfridge.

Wednesday, November 14

L’Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation Review

I finally ran out of foundation! That doesn’t happen too often you see.  I’m not big on foundation, usually reserving it for special occasions or extra ugly days. The best bit about running out of foundation, as every girl knows, is the fun of buying a new one. I generally find great joy in buying anything! hehe  I was lucky this time around as I had already been swayed by a tester of L’Oreal’s Lumi Magique foundation in a magazine (I think it was Cosmo? It’s usually Cosmo for me).

Normally when you get those little tester you get all excited to get a freebie – or is that just me? – but then are upset when the colour is stupidly pale or makes you look like you’ve just been varnished. However this colour on me fit perfectly. I was, of course, nicely surprised. I didn’t yet have the glamour of a beautiful glass bottle, just a little tester but was already impressed with the silky texture of the liquid and how easy it was to apply.

Boots review reads: 
L'Oreal Lumi Magique is a Light Infusing foundation which gives luminosity to the skin. A luminous looking complexion as if lit from within. It has a very light, silky soft formula which provides 24 hours of hydration.

Although I can't say I look or feel 'lit from within' I do think the review is pretty fair. I always use a primer before applying foundation but even without I think the foundation does brighten my skin. It evens and tones well without needing to be painted on which is also great. The liquid is light and easy to apply whilst the pump bottle deposits just the right amount so you're not left with tonnes of foundation on you're hands afterwards. 

I think it retails for around £10 in the shops so about a medium price range and you get a decent sized glass bottle for your money. All in all a good foundation that sits nicely on the skin :) Thumbs up



Tuesday, November 13

AW12 Rock Inspired Look Book

Dark and deadly hits the catwalks. Rock and Gothic inspired fashion a key trend this AW12.
  All items taken from River Island.

Sunday, November 11

Neom 'Scent With Love' Body Care Gift Set Review


Hay Sweets, hope you're all well and beaming after a lovely weekend?

Mine was extra lovely after receiving this beautiful Neom 'Scent With Love' Body Care Gift Set from the lovely guys and gals at on Friday. As you can see the Gift set came well packaged with care which made it extra special.

So let's start with I'd not really heard of them until they contacted me but the second I glanced around their gorgeous website I was in love. Amara was created to 'showcase some of the World's finest luxury gift suggestions' and they really do: from Cath Kidston (you know how much I love Cath Kidston), Ralph Lauren Home to Orla Keily, they seem to have everything I would want to buy!

Being sent the Neom Gift Set was such a treat and so sweet of them, I was thrilled. Neom are all about the benefits of beautiful quality organic products. A figure on their website really stood out at me. It reads 'New studies show that the average woman is using over 250 chemicals on her skin every day'. That's just crazy and can't be healthy? Neom promises 100% natural essential oils and waxes and its lack of chemicals and amazing fragrances make it a favourite with Kate Moss, Sienna, Kylie and Gwyenth.

The Gift set comprises of a Complete Bliss Moroccan Blush Rose Hand Cream, a sensuous Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Patchouli Body Wash and Lotion and also a Tranquility English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine Bath and Shower Oil. As you can see there is such number of different scents and I can't as yet decide which one is my favourite! I'm smelling as I type so I decide at the end!

The hand cream is gorgeous; suprisingly creamy yet light and non-greasy - it's fragrance is beautifully soft and subtle but with an invigorating undertone. It's been straight in my handbag since Saturday morning and even boyfriend has looked up from Halo4 and commented on it's smell!

The body lotion and body wash come as a matched scent and oh my do they smell amazing. They're both beautifully sweet, full and fruity but each different with the lotion hinting at more of a creamy smell too. They really are bliss for your senses. But my absolute favourite I've decided is the bath and shower oil. It comes in a sweet glass bottle and smells deep, spicy and smooth. I added one capful to my bath tonight and had the most relaxing bath ever. My whole body smelt lovely afterwards and my skin was silky soft. This oil is seriously my new heaven in a bottle.

I usually try to think critically when I review any product but so far I'm so impressed I haven't found anything to grumble about. All I can say is a big thank you to for sending me over such great quality goodies. <3

Have you every tried or bought any Neom products? I really would recommend them just for the unbelievably good frangrances, they really are special.



Friday, November 9

L'oreal Elvive Damage Care Serum Review

Hi Girlies, Happy Friday!!

I’ve always had long hair (apart from an awful period at University when I decided to cut it all off and literally shave one side of it – very bad look for me!) so I’ve always tried to keep it looking in good condition and shiny. Since dying it red I’ve of course noticed that it’s vital I keep it extra nourished to avoid that awful straw like look and feel.  After running out of an old serum in capsule form that I’d had for years I went in search of a new serum to match it.

There were too many to mention in Boots so I stuck to a brand I know well: L'oreals Elvive Damage Care Serum. I really notice the benefits of a serum and will always massage it into the tips of my hair after a shower and before blow drying. I’ve consistently used serum for over two years now and feel it is the reason why I get complemented about the lack of split ends I have.

I’ve been using L’oreals serum for over a month and I feel it is doing just as good a job as any other serum and would recommend it. The bottle is fairly small, made of glass and clear. I like the fact that it’s clear as you can easily tell how much you are using, sad I know but I like to be prepared and fully restocked for when I run out! The pump action of the bottle isn’t the best and I often have to pump 5 or 6 times before any serum comes out each time I go to use it. However, I would say this is the only down side. It has a subtle sweet fragrance which isn't too overpowering and does leave your hair smelling lovely. 

I'm not too sure I buy into the 'Ceramide-Cement Technology' but whatever L'oreal's oily serum is doing to my hair I have to say I like it :) 



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